We usually breed only one litter per year. We want to fully concentrate on the puppies when they are born and to give them the best possible start in life. We also plan the litters very carefully thinking of health, character and quality. The first Sideways-litter was born on the 1st of February 1995 - more information on our past litters you can find on their own pages.

Sideways-puppies go to their new homes in the age of 8 weeks and before this they have been microchipped, dewormed and registered in the Finnish Kennel Club. We also always join the new owners as members to the breed club, should they not already be members. The new owners will be given the continuous support of the breeder and a big amount of written information on the care of their new pet. The new owners also receive a puppy-package which includes a good amount of the same food that the puppy has been given at the breeding home.

The information on the puppy and the sales agreement (by the Finnish Kennel Club) is gone through with the new owners usually in our kitchen over a cup of coffee, without any hurry.

Our Puppies grow amongst our family in normal loving, living environment and are naturally used to everyday life amongst people. None of our dogs ever live in kennels and/or separate dog room/area. The new owners of our puppies contact us well in advance via telephone or email - quite often they already own a dog from us or know us through some other way. We always want to get to know the prospective owners a little better before we make a decision to sell them a puppy. We never take any reservations before the puppies are born but do keep in contact with prospective owners and let them know when the litter is born. We do like to get to know people via email, telephone or in person - and our dogs can be seen at home before the puppies are born; We believe it gives the prospective buyer a good chance to see both the character of our dogs and the way how they live - it also gives a good idea what kind of breed is in question.

The most important thing to us is that the puppy gets a good, loving home where it can live as a happy dog for its life. We give our support and help with any hobby that the owners choose to take up with their new dog. We love to see our puppies (or grown ups! :)) at official group health check ups, club events and at shows. We are always interested in knowing how our puppies and later grown-up and older dogs are doing. We do not breed dogs for shows, but to improve the health, character as well as the visual breed traits.

The dogs we use for breeding have been health checked officially and comply with the breeding guidelines given by the breed club. We usually pick slightly older sires, that are still in excellent health for our matches. With our cavalier bitch-lines we have been blessed with our Foundation being Honey, our 15-year old happy and active treasure of a dog. We are currently in our fifth generation and have been happy to see she has left us a lot of good. More about Honey on her own page. We usually place the most promising bitch of the litter on breeding terms to an active and co-operative family near Turku. A great-big-thank-you to all the families - we have had such good partnerships through the years!

If you are interested in our breeding or have some questions regarding it, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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